What is Be(a)spoke?

Welcome to Be(a)spoke by April in Paris, where luxury leather items are tailored to your unique vision and style. With over 25 years of expertise in custom work, Béatrice Amblard is here to collaborate with you and bring your dreams to life.
We offer two exciting options to create your own bespoke April in Paris product:

Customize from Existing Pieces

If you find inspiration in our existing collection, you can choose one of our exquisite leather items as a starting point. Whether it's a handbag, wallet, or any other accessory, we provide a diverse range of high-quality designs. Once you select a base piece, the real magic starts by customizing every aspect according to your preferences: from the choice of leather, color, hardware, and intricate details, we ensure that each element reflects your personal style and individuality. You can find inspiration with our gallery of projects.

Submit Your Own Design

For those with a distinct vision in mind, Be(a)spoke offers you the opportunity to start from your own design. Whether it's a sketch, a detailed description, or even just an idea, we will closely work with you to bring your project to reality. Béatrice will use her expertise to refine your concept, suggest improvements, and ensure that the final product maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship and luxury. With this option, you truly have the freedom to create a unique piece that reflects your taste and personality.

What can I customize?

With both options you will be free to select your options through the following list:
  • Leather Type: French Grain Calf, Alligator or Ostrich
  • Color of Leather, Threads and Zipper: See the Swatches
  • Features: Dimensions, Type of Pockets, Closure, Hardware, Strap and Handles
  • Name / Initials / Logo Embossing Size and Color

Your Be(a)spoke item will express your style for a lifetime.


Start your Be(a)spoke journey