Collection: Featured Artist

Fabiana is a Brazilian born half Japanese artisan. With a business degree and never feeling happy with her career choice, she began looking for a career change. The new career search began while living in Buenos Aires.

There she finds Maison Aubele where she takes the first steps in bag design, pattern making, and material functionality. While doing raw material and equipment research, she came across the website for Amblard Leather Atelier.
In 2017 while visiting San Francisco she had the opportunity to take some classes with former Artisan for Hermès, Beatrice Amblard. During the stay she found her true passion, learning how to make handmade leather bags and accessories using the saddle stitch technique.

In 2018 she completed the full program at ALA and started her first solo steps designing and building her first products. We hereby present you the end products available for purchase under her new brand KUBEEKA /ku·bee·ka/.

KU from CUBE or tridimensional forms with straight lines
BEE from BI in FABIANA's first name
KA from MATUOKA,FABIANA's last name