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French Grain Calf

American Millennium Alligator


Our ostrich leather is farm raised.  As the ostrich leather ages it will take on a beautiful patina.  Ostrich leather is one of the toughest, but most pliable skins in the world.  Ostrich leather is full of natural oils, which helps to resist drying, cracking, and stiffness. 


 Contact us for available colors.

We import our grain calf exclusively from France.  Each hide is mineral tanned and vegetable re-tanned making leathers resistant, smooth, and durable.  The hides have a unique pebbled texture, we like to call a stingray grain calf.  The grain is emphasized by hand polishing and each hide has a hand-rubbed finish.  This finish gives the leather a natural effect.  The colors are rich, transparent and deep making them a one of a kind.

April in Paris only uses the best grade American farm raised alligator skins.  The Millennium Finish is a medium gloss between matte and classic.  This classic, lightly glazed finish is resistant to scratches and very easy to clean.

More colors available upon request.

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